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QA & Testing

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We Cover Wide Range Of QA Needs

01. Self-Managed Teams
Our self-managed teams are ready to handle any software testing process and discover QA issues.
We are in line with popular software development methodologies (Waterfall, Agile/Scrum, etc)
02. Fresh Approach
We introduce approach and set of practices that are completely different from what the devepment company use. Putting together different psychology, culture and experience will allow to get more than in-house work gives.
03. Advanced Tools Usage
As a QA outsourcing provider we use and rely on advanced tools for test management, bug tracking and test automation, and use technologies that make process more efficient.
04. All types of Testing
We cover all types of manual and automated testing (Coded tests, Selenium UI tests, API testing, etc.
Testing of Web, Mobile and Desktop applications.
Functional, performance, usability, compatibility and security testing.
QA & Testing

Wide Variety of Testing Services

Validating application to make sure that it fully meets your functional requirements and complies with your specific business rules. Checks that existing functionality is not broken during the app evolution and new features function correctly.
Performing Load, Stress, Stability testing to ensure that application stays stable and reliable and can handle peak loads, load spikes as well as large and grownig number of users.
Validating communication between different application modules. Making sure that complex applications are functioning end-to-end smoothly. Validating applications' workflows data integrity.
Validating content layout and information availability. Testing UI controls like buttons, menus and text inputs to ensure that the experience flow and features chosen are optimal for the user experience taking into account target user groups and their abilities.
Checking resistence of application to cyber-threats. Performing vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, DDoS testing as well as security audit and code review.
Testing whether your digital product is easy to use and inclusive for all users regardless of disability or impairment. Providing improvement suggestions for designs and features that must be done to meet current standards and regulations.
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